Greetings Golfers,

Bryson DeChambeau gained a bunch of weight over the Winter and is driving the ball 18 yards farther than last year. I also gained a bunch of weight over the Winter and am driving it 1/2 a yard farther than last year. I guess Bryson was also lifting weights and adding muscle. I rested on the couch and added much needed padding instead.

However, DeChambeau is not a great player because of his girth … he has great control of the club with his hands. Like many Tour players, he’s a star at ping-pong. Seriously. He and Kuchar and Mickelson and most of those guys are wizards with a ping-pong paddle.

As you know, the key to success in ping-pong is controlling the spin of the ball. Basically, there are two types of spin: Topspin and underspin.

Same with golf. A hook is topspin … and a slice is underspin. And, it’s the same hand-action. Most golfers don’t think that they’re good enough to control the ball with spin. They are. Those same golfers probably think they’re good enough at ping-pong to control the spin. If you can do it at ping-pong … you can do at golf.

Think of your clubs as just ping-pong paddles with really long handles. Take your sand wedge and hit little chip shots with the ping-pong concept. Try to give it topspin and watch it roll out. Give it underspin and watch it go high and stop. Keep doing it until you feel confident you have control. Then start trying it with the rest of your clubs – especially your driver. The driver is made for the topspin/hook shot. You tee it up high … and then hit on the way up like a ping-pong shot. You’ll get rid of the slice forever.

Don’t worry about the mechanics of your golf swing. Learn to control the face of the golf club. It’s just a version of a ping-pong paddle.

As your reward … if you master how to control the ball with your golf club … you can then copy Bryson DeChambeau and gain weight (with no guilt) so you can hit it farther.

Sounds like the best of both worlds.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional

Deer Run Golf Club
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