Greetings Golfers,

As you’re reading this, I’m probably driving through the state of Georgia. I love driving – that’s not a problem – but I threw my back out – that is a problem.

The other day, I was trying some new moves with my golf swing. You’re right (I can read your mind) … I was being stupid. Obviously I’m not young … and shouldn’t try to swing like a youngster.

Speaking of youngsters … how likable is Viktor Hovland? … the kid from Norway who won last weekend. Sure, he’s smiley … but it’s not fake … he has an attitude that just gets a kick out of life.

Golf is a game. Though Tour players are making money at golf … it’s still just a game.

The other day, Brooks Koepka opened up in an interview. He’s more interesting than I realized. Koepka talked about how much he loved golf, but not the “stuffiness” (his word). He just wants to play golf at country clubs and yet not follow their codes.

I get it. However, it’s their club. They can insist on those things. It’s not how I would run it … but if I’m a guest, I respect their rules and codes.

The problem is that golf has become tied to that scene. It doesn’t have to be like that.

However, I’m not advocating anarchy. I’m not a fan of foot-golf and all of the other goofy variations that arrived as golf was trying to “grow the game”. The changes don’t have to be extreme. In fact, golf just needs more variety of atmospheres … especially in the middle between super stuffy and goofy.

How about casual AND respectful? Is that so difficult to achieve? How about basic standards of dress and behavior, mixed with a friendly atmosphere?

I think that’s what Koepka meant. And this Viktor Hovland seems to embody it.

Well, those are young guys – both in their 20s. I like their attitude and ideas. And I like their golf swings. But … I shouldn’t try to swing like them. The game of golf can be played many ways … it doesn’t have to be painful or stuffy.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional

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