Greetings Golfers,

For many of us, this year has seemed unreal. Of course we’ve tried to make the best of it … but, I’ll admit that I’ve felt “off” all year … until Monday night.

What happened Monday night? … for me, it was “Live at the Masters” … seriously. I just felt comfort … that life was back to normal.

I think I know why … it’s that Jim Nance saying “A Tradition Unlike Any Other”. The tradition of the Masters is a welcome anchor when you’re feeling lost at sea.

That’s why we need traditions. Sure, we need to change and grow … but we also need roots and things to hold onto … especially when life gets weird.

Well, the Masters isn’t weird. It’s stable. It’s always played at Augusta National. It prides itself on traditions like the Champions Dinner. Watching the Masters is like coming home. Ahhhh.

We won’t be seeing azaleas … but the fall colors will be stunning. And the golf course will be perfect. It may be wet – rain is predicted – and the grass will be a little grainier than in the spring.

Softer and grainier may play into the games of high ball hitting bombers such as Justin Thomas, Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson … and of course Bryson DeChambeau.

But, don’t count out this year’s PGA champion – Collin Morikawa. He’s only 23 … with a great game … and a great brain. I love his interviews. He’s the real deal.

Last year’s Masters – won by Tiger Woods – was one of sports greatest comeback stories – maybe the greatest.

Great tournaments are a tradition at the Masters. Every year seems like the best one ever.

Maybe that’s why the Masters is … “A Tradition Unlike Any Other”.


Tom Abts

GM/Head PGA Professional

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