Greetings Golfers,

Spent the weekend in Austin, TX. Wasn’t hot enough in MN, so needed to get some Texas heat. Though it was ridiculously hot, Austin is very cool. Great food, great music, just generally a good vibe – almost bought a “Keep Austin Weird” hat.

Did buy a hat – a Barton Creek golf hat. Played their semi-famous Fazio Canyon course. It was fun, it’s a good resort and a very good golf course … but, I’m getting jaded in my old age … it was just too typical. Let me make a leap: While watching the Irish Open on television last week, the announcer commented that he liked the swing of one of the young players “It’s old-fashioned … not one of those modern, assembly line swings”.

What I’m trying to say is that too many golf resorts remind me of these modern, assembly line golf swings – they’re good, but they don’t have enough personality. In fact, I think these resorts try to make sure that they don’t have a personality – they may be well run, but they feel like an efficient factory. I want personality … a good personality … maybe these resorts are afraid that they might have a bad personality, so they go for no personality.

Well, Austin still has a great personality. I used to go there a lot in the ’70’s and loved it … always kept it on my list of livable cities. Even though it’s changed from a town to a city, it’s kept its unique vibe. Thank God.