Golf Events

Years ago, golf courses hosted fund-raising golf events on Mondays only. Country clubs were usually closed on Mondays for maintenance … and would host a golf event once in awhile if it was related to the club or if the money was too much to refuse. And that tradition carried over to public golf courses.

Well, times have changed and organizations have realized that golf events are a great way to raise money.

We even host golf events on Wednesdays and Fridays … besides Mondays. Over 10 years ago, a skiing group wanted us to host a golf event to help Special Olympics … and they wanted to do it on a Friday. And they kept after me. How could I say no to Special Olympics? Really? So, we broke tradition and hosted a golf event on a Friday. And, it was great. Really great.

Oh boy … things were changing. Not only did some events want Fridays … some wanted Wednesdays. I realized that events have different needs. Some people want the end of the week … others want the start of the week … and others want the middle of the week. Same with time of the year … whether it’s Spring – Summer – Fall … every event knows what day and time of year is best for them.

Is there a “perfect” date? No. Not at all. There is always something … graduations, hot weather, cold weather, holidays, other events, sports, etc. The secret is to get a good date for your group … and then be consistent. Jumping around the calendar just confuses people.

That gets to the real secret of hosting a successful golf event – no confusion – Less is More!

We host 60 full day golf events every year … and we’ve been doing this a long time. We’ve seen what works … and what doesn’t work. Here’s what doesn’t work:

* Complicated format
Long, slow round of golf
Stressful vibe
Bad food

I read articles by Event Consultant Organizations giving out their “tips” … well, they have to say something … I get it. However, less is more.

We want you to have a successful event. We’re on your side. And your event represents us too. And if it’s a mess … we all look bad … and you probably won’t raise much money … and certainly won’t the next year.

If you’re thinking of doing a golf event … let’s talk. There’s lots to talk about.