Greetings Golfers, How good is this weather? 64 on Sunday? Here in Minnesota? Well, we deserve it. The past few years were brutal. We normally have our annual Ranger-Starter meeting the last Saturday in March. Looks like we’ll have to move it up … because … we’re planning (hoping) to open the last week of March. Every year, the theme of my big speech at the meeting is the three C’s:
  • Courtesy
  • Communication
  • Common-sense
That’s Rangering and Starting in a nutshell. In fact, it’s what the service industry is all about. Every morning I read the Daily Stoic – “Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Life”. This week is about the four main virtues of Stoicism:
  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Temperance
  • Justice
No matter how advanced as a society we get, we don’t become too evolved for the Stoic’s four main virtues. And, no matter how advanced our golf operation gets, we don’t become too evolved for the three C’s. Life seems to always go back to the basics. Get the basics right and most things work pretty well. Same with your golf swing. Now is the time to review the basics. Hope to see you on the course … in March! Cheers, Tom Abts GM/Head PGA Professional Deer Run Golf Club 8661 Deer Run Drive Victoria, MN 55386 (952) 443-2351