Greetings Golfers,

History was made last week in Minnesota golf.  Our own Lori Money was the first woman to play in our state PGA Senior Championship.

I know, I know…she doesn’t look like a senior.  And she doesn’t play golf like a senior.  However, the years don’t lie and she made history.

Obviously, we’re very proud of her.  She’s a great player and a great person…we’re proud that she represents Deer Run Golf Club.

A lot of people think that PGA Golf pros just play golf everyday.  I can’t tell you how many random salesmen call me, and try to warm me up by asking “how was your round today”.  After a long pause of me looking around the room trying to figure out who they’re talking to…I realize it’s not a conference call…and that they mean me.

Most of us are running a business.  We got into the golf business because we love the game.  But, it’s long hours – most courses are open from at least sun-up to sun-down…7 days a week.  And, most of us know that the real work is behind-the-scenes.

Well, Lori does it all.  She’s here all the time and involved in everything…out-front and behind-the-scenes.

She loves to play golf and is an excellent player.  And she deserves to play more golf.

Obviously this has been a crazy year. She’s really stepped-up and made DRGC run well throughout all of the challenges.

Hopefully, next year will go back to normal.  If so, the plan is to give her more time to play golf – at Deer Run and in tournaments.

Then, she’ll make even more history.

Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional

Deer Run Golf Club
8661 Deer Run Drive
Victoria, MN 55386
(952) 443-2351