Greetings Golfers,

Lumpy practicing his 7 iron

This morning, Tim Herron will be teeing-it-up on the Champions Tour – the Chubb Classic in Naples, Florida. Tim turned 50 last week, so he’s now a senior player.

This can’t be true. I still think of him as a little boy who used to play in the evenings with my parents … he was probably already a better player then than they were.

Yes, Tim was a “natural”. He comes from a long line of excellent players. But, he worked at it harder than he gets credit for … maybe not Tiger Woods hard … but definitely devoted.

And that’s a good thing. Tim didn’t sell his soul to be the best player in the world. He still lives in Minnesota and is a devoted family man. Life is about choices … we can’t “have it all” despite what the culture says. Our time is limited – we have to choose.

Tim has chosen to market his unique personality. His tweets and LumpCo ads are hilarious. This is a guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously – take a look at this video announcing his transition to the Champions Tour: CLICK HERE.

How good is that? Ya think golf needs Tim Herron? The nature of golf is individualistic. You’re not performing for judges with rating numbers – like at a diving competition. The only numbers that matter are on the scorecard. So, you don’t have to be young and buff and humorless … you can be the opposite and shoot low numbers … if you can play golf.

Tim can definitely play golf. He won 4 times on the PGA Tour, was on the winning 1993 Walker Cup team, finished 6th in the 1999 US Open, and is in the top 100 of the PGA Tour’s Career Money Winners. 

And, he’s about to add to that number. His game is ready for these “old” guys. He can still hit it far and has always been a great iron player with soft hands around the green. As always, it comes down to putting. He’s always been a good putter. However, he claims that he went through a bad putting spell in high school when he listened to the advice of a guy who told him to practice putting one-handed with each hand. I disagree – it was marvelous advice and probably the real reason he became such a good player. In fact, that guy should take all of the credit (he also writes perfect blogs).

On a more serious note … Tim is a great guy and we’re all very proud of him. Some of our staff – Lori & Ketti – are in Naples to cheer him on. That Chubb trophy would look good in our clubhouse. Here’s a quick video of Tim practicing at Deer Run GC … it’s pretty inspiring … probably the reason he’ll win. CLICK HERE.


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