Greetings Golfers,

Today is the last day of the 2020 PGA Golf Show in Orlando. Because we send out this blog every Friday at 9:00am CST … this one is usually my toughest one of the year. I’m actually writing this at 5am … and I blame any poor writing on the PGA Pros who I went to dinner with last night. (Is it “who” or “whom” … see, I’m already struggling).

The PGA Show has really changed over the years … but, what hasn’t? What is most obvious is how casual the attire has become. People used to really dress-up for the Show. Yesterday, most of the guys were wearing zip-up golf jackets and casual shoes. There used to be shoe-shine stands everywhere … the only one I saw yesterday was deserted … I hope the owner has other options.

Remember in the tv show “Madmen” when society was transforming from the Ratpack to the Hippies? Well, that’s sort of what’s happening in golf.

Golf has always been a traditional game. For some of us, there is a timelessness about golf that is linked to tradition. The question is “Can golf change with the times and still keep its core values?”

The “look” in the showrooms was what everyone is calling “lifestyle” … meaning that golfers want to wear clothing that goes from the golf course to the work place or to a restaurant. A casual look that goes anywhere. And that doesn’t mean cheap … one showroom was selling cashmere hoodies … seriously.

Does casual clothing mean a lack of standards? It can, but it doesn’t have to. The young people that I dealt with all week were very respectful. That’s what matters to me. Just because someone is well-dressed doesn’t mean they have high standards – especially in terms of being respectful.

Golf only works if the players have respect for the game, the course, and the other players. Golf doesn’t have referees … it relies on personal integrity. That’s what really matters. It’s all about how people conduct themselves on the golf course (and in the clubhouse).

Last night’s dinner was much like a round of golf. Sure, I liked the restaurant … but I especially liked the people who (?) I was with .. and the ridiculous and hilarious conversations throughout dinner. Some of us were dressed “old school” and some were dressed “lifestyle”…but what mattered was how we got along – not what we wore.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional

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