Greetings Golfers,

So, we’re almost 2 weeks into playing golf in Minnesota.  Thought you might like to hear some of my observations.

First – people are shooting great scores. Why? It’s very simple – the protruding cup is a much easier target than the cup in the ground. Because, if you hit the cup, it counts the same as if you made the putt with a normal hole in the ground.

The protruding cup has inspired our players to putt aggressively. Basically, just take out most of the break and let it fly. Not only are players making long putts – they almost never miss a short putt.  Think that helps your score?

For our leagues we’re amending the rule. The putt will only count if stays close to the hole after it hits the cup. Remember that saying “within the leather”?. So, if the putt stays within the length of the grip on your putter … it’s good.

What else is happening? Well, we’re running into some folks who have no problem disregarding our rules that comply with the new restrictions. One guy was violating our range policy so I asked him to stop it. He didn’t apologize … instead, he thought about what I said and then replied “That’s ok – I guess”. So … he gave me his approval??? … that, “he guessed” it was ok to him that he shouldn’t violate our policy.

He’s far from the only one to grant us their “forgiveness” when we tell them not to do something. I almost used the word inform … but they already were informed when they read the sign informing them not to do it.

You know that I would love to dive into this philosophically … however, this is a light Friday morning golf blog.

Speaking of philosophy … last week I read an amazing article by a philosophy professor. When I went to look-up some more of his essays, I ran into a heading about him. This made me curious to see what his students said about him. Well, every rating was either a 1 or a 5 (highest). Nothing in between. The comments were amazing. Most of the 1 raters said the same thing “He’s mean. Doesn’t let you show up late or leave early … get’s mad when you talk during his lectures.” The 5s said that he was kind and one of the best professors that they’d ever had.

I think we have a new development in America because of a misunderstanding of the concept of “rights” and “tolerance”. Some people think it means that they have a “right” to do anything they want … and that it has to be “tolerated”.

People think they’re special and like being special. I get it. But, that’s not a license to do the wrong thing. Hopefully, putting well with these protruding cups satisfies that “special” need.

Take care,

Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional

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