Greetings Golfers,

Most golfers have heard of Tommy Armour. I don’t mean his grandson – Tommy Armour III – I mean the great man himself, probably the greatest golf instructor of all time.

He was also a big time player. He won the US Open, the British Open, the Western Open … all of the Majors before the Masters.

However, I especially admire his sense of humor. You have to read “How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time”- one of the all time best selling golf instruction books.

And, if you enjoy his writing … you must get “A Round of Golf with Tommy Armour”.

Armour was the rare instructor who knew that golf is more than golf swing. You have to play the game. The golf course is not a driving range … it’s 18 unique holes that have to be navigated with strategy and skill.

We all know average skill-level players who consistently shoot good scores … and some highly-skilled players who seldom score well.

So, in “A Round of Golf with Tommy Armour” he takes you through 9 holes with a fellow named “Bill”.

Bill is an average player who has become so frustrated that he’s decided to quit golf – for good. So, our hero Tommy, convinces him to play one more round … but that Tommy gets to make all of the decisions.

Well, the story is as good as it gets. Thoughtful, insightful, informational, sensible, and likable.

It’s easy to forget that golf is a game. We can get so obsessed with making the perfect swing that we aren’t aware of the challenge that each hole provides. Should we lay-up? Should we play up the left side of the fairway? Is it smarter to try to cut the dog-leg?

Or just simple things like leaving the driver in the bag if you don’t trust it.

Tommy does talk about the golf swing … important thoughts about grip and stance … and why they matter … not just “here – do it”. His whole narrative makes sense. How to swing and how to play … and how to have the right attitude to play well and enjoy the game.

Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional

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