Greetings Golfers,

JFK was a witty guy and left us a lot of great quotes. But, this one is my favorite “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.”

How can you not love that?

Isn’t that what golf is all about? Not needing an easy course with perfect weather … but being able to deal with whatever the course and weather throw at you.

That’s playing the game of golf.

It seems to me that too many people want a perfect swing and perfect conditions … that anything less than that isn’t golf.

Actually it’s the opposite.

Golf is about relishing the challenge. And, it will provide a challenge. In fact, every shot is a challenge. Some are just harder than others.

Years ago, when we were visiting our son Mikey in Ireland, he and I went out to play Cork CC. It was March and typical Irish weather – cold (40 degrees) and really windy … and even a little bit rainy/sleety. It was a Wednesday and the course was packed. On the way to the first tee … a gent about 80 years old … looked at us and announced “What a glorious day!” He meant it. Not just a glorious day for golf … but, a glorious day to be alive.

That old fellow is my hero. I try to live that way every day. But, I need reminders. And golf is one of the best reminders I know.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional

Deer Run Golf Club
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