Greetings Golfers,

With the New Year … new things need to be done. Such as working on our website. We once had a pretty good website … but, it got old and boring … so we went to a sparse, new look a few years ago. It was pretty funny … but not very informational.

So, we’ve decided to go the opposite direction – tons of information … more than you’ve ever wanted to know about DRGC.

One new feature will be graphics of each hole … and a little advice of how to play each hole.

Because you’re obsessing about how to play golf this year … I thought you’d appreciate some thoughts on how to play all 18 holes at DRGC.

You’re getting first crack at these insights before they go on the website:

Hole #1 – 371 yards

A fun opening hole. Though it’s a dog-leg left, trying to cut the corner is not a smart play … especially on your first shot of the day. Golf is risk-reward. Big risk going left – OB and a bunker … and it leaves a terrible angle for your second shot. Be smart and just drive it up the middle … even the right side of the fairway is good … it will leave you with a straight forward second shot … probably a wedge in. Don’t be greedy on the first hole.

Hole #2 – 149 yards

A deceptive little hole. Though short … and downhill … the green is kidney shaped and doesn’t offer much landing room. Long is dead. Be smart.

Hole #3 – 401 yards

A long uphill par 4. Bunkers guard the left about 250 out.  If you can bomb it … fly it over the bunkers … your shot will be in the middle of the fairway. If you bomb it over the hill up the middle … you’ll probably be OB right. Most players should try to hit it at the 150 marker at the top of the hill. The second shot is pretty straight forward. Avoid the bunker in front of the left side of the green.

Hole #4 – 495 yards

A reachable par 5. But, danger lurks around the green. The OB on the left juts out short-left of the green. And, water is waiting a little right of the green. If you’re not in control of long second shots … you’d be wise to lay-up and give yourself a safe and easy third shot. Sometimes the pin is in a little area back right … some would refer to this as a “sucker pin”.

Hole #5 – 375 yards

A fun hole. Many years ago, some guys designated #5, #6, #7 our “Amen Corner”. Definitely not as famous as the real thing … but definitely a challenge. In fact, one year when we hosted the Women’s State Open, the average score on #5 was six. Too many of the women hooked it into the trees left of the fairway. The smart play is to aim at the hill on the right. The hill is mowed so that the ball will run down into the fairway. Even if you’re in the fairway, the second shot isn’t easy. The green sits up on a hill, and right of the green is a big drop-off. Aim at the left side of the green.

Hole #6 – 186 yards

A straight-forward hole. Bunker short-right of the green … but not a bad spot if you’re in it. Long green … can be quick coming downhill. The easiest Par 3 hole on the golf course.

Hole #7 – 351 yards

The trickiest hole on the golf course. OB left and right. And, a water hazard is right of the fairway about 200 yards off the tee. A driver is definitely a risky play. The fairway gets very skinny left of the water hazard. The best play is to the 150 yard marker. Then, the second shot to the green is a fun one. Left of the green is a drop-off, and right of the green isn’t terrible, but not good. This is a good time for a well controlled iron shot.

Hole #8 – 463 yards

Another reachable par 5. However, you need to go up the right side of the fairway to have a clear second shot to the green. But don’t go too far right … the water hazard isn’t always full of water, but mud and weeds aren’t conducive to good golf shots or clean shoes. The huge bunker in front of the right side of the green should be avoided. When the pin is on the left side of the green … the hole is a par 4 1/2. When it’s behind the bunker … it becomes a par 5 1/2. Also, putts break toward the bunker. You can’t see it … but they do.

Hole #9 – 353 yards

Another challenging hole. The green has water in front, behind, and on the right. So, it’s vital that the tee shot gets you close enough to an open, short-iron shot. It’s a narrow fairway with woods on the right … and a couple of big trees and a fairway bunker on the left. Bombers can reach the water and shouldn’t use a driver. And, it gets very skinny about 100 yards from the water. The best play is to hit it past the 150 pole … but not closer than 100 yards to the water … and favor the left side of the fairway.

Hole #10 – 429 yards

This used to be hole #1. Not a good starting hole. Too long and hard – especially if the wind is in your face. And especially if it’s Saturday morning. But, it’s a great hole to start the second nine. You should be loosened-up enough to take a rip at it. Tee box seems to line you up at the bunker on the left side of the fairway. Don’t go in there. For most people, it’s a long second shot. Miss the green left … it’s an easy up & down. Don’t miss right of the green – no chance.

Hole #11 – 358 yards

One of the easiest holes on the course … but easy to screw-up. Greediness can be expensive. Narrow fairway … OB left and right. Slight dog-leg left. The smart tee shot is in between the bunker on the right and the 150 pole … leaving a fairly easy short iron into the green. Or … try to bomb it around the corner and have a tiny shot to the green. Your choice.

Hole #12 – 349 yards

Another “easy” hole. However, the green slopes from front-to-back making for a difficult second shot. So, what is your best shot to hold the green? A full wedge? A full 8 iron? Or can you stop a little 50 yard shot? Answering those questions is the key to how far you hit your drive. Also, coming in from the left means you can’t bounce it onto the green … you’ll just stay in the swale short of the green. Lot’s of options … use your brain.

Hole #13 – 336 yards

Hope you’re still using your brain. The pond at the bottom of the hill is 260 yards from the tee box. Some of you can fly the pond and land on the green. The fairway kicks left … more than it appears. Also, leaving your tee shot half-way down the the hill is not recommended. Some jokers hit an iron to the top of the hill and have a 150 yard shot to the green. Unlike the last hole – this green is flat. Because of the hill behind the green and the little hill in front of the green … people think it slopes from back to front. Not so. Just an optical illusion.

Hole #14 – 176 yards

Another difficult par 3. Uphill and short shots kick right into the bunker … or OB. Plays longer than it looks. The smart play is to the back left of the green. Make par and move on (happily).

Hole #15 – 367 yards

A fun hole. And scenic. While on the tee box … enjoy the view. You can see much of the golf course and Lake Wasserman on your back left. Though you can’t see them … you are surrounded by lakes on all sides. Very cool. But, not cool to drive it into the pond along the left side of the fairway. A smart drive is short of the bunkers on the left … leaving a straight shot to the green. Drives on the right side of the fairway leave an awkward shot to the green.

Hole #16 – 146 yards

A very difficult hole. But fair. Uphill, so it plays longer than the yardage … but don’t go crazy … OB is the road behind the green. The bunker short right is not a good place. If the pin is up front and the green is quick … a downhill putt is a problem. Sometimes in that situation, I play to an area short left of the green and then chip up to the pin. A shot short of the middle of the green runs back down the fairway. Golf is about strategy and control. This hole is a good reminder.

Hole #17 – 314 yards

These last three holes are great finishing holes. They are not basic par holes. They offer eagles to double bogeys … a match can change quickly. This is a drivable par 4. Tom Weiskopf loved these type of holes at the end of a round. Not only was he a great player … but a great architect … he understood golf. Well, if you can hit it like Tom could … go for the green. However, most people should hit it short right of the green … and leave in an easy wedge shot with a good angle … and still have a good chance at birdie. Not as much fun as an eagle … but a lot better than a double-bogey.

Hole #18 – 527 yards

You made it. Now finish right. A reachable par 5. But, trouble along the way. OB left and right off the tee. OB continues all the way down the left side of the hole. Yet, the OB on the right stops about 230 yards out. However, there is water right of the fairway later on. Not really in play … but I’ve seen balls go into it. But, playing up the right side of the fairway brings the bunker in front of the green into play. The green is slightly on a hill … so that an approach shot needs to be one club more than normal.

A fun hole to finish your round.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional

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