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Good Wedge Players

Greetings Golfers,

We were talking the other day about what makes a good golfer.

We all know people who are great putters  … but are not good golfers.

We know people who can drive it really far … yet are not good players. 

However … have you ever met a good wedge player who is not a good golfer?

If you can play good shots from 100 yards in … you almost have to be a good player. 

Watch a Tour player when they have to play a weird shot from a goofy lie … maybe standing on one foot, etc … from under 100 yards. They seem to pull it off every time.

Obviously, that shot is not about some “perfect” robotic golf swing. Instead, they’re in control of the golf club. In control of the face, path, speed, and impact.

So let’s talk about this. Practice chipping. A lot. Not only are those shots vital to good scoring … they’re vital to developing feel and control of the golf club - any and every club … wedge through driver. 

Think of the club as a tennis racket or a ping-pong paddle … with a really long handle. And, basically use it the same way. 

Hitting a topspin shot is hitting a draw. The path is a little low-to-high … and the face rolls over the top of the ball through impact.

A drop-shot is a flop-shot or a bunker-shot. The path is high-to-low … and the face slides under the ball and opens through impact.

The basic straight-shot for these games is fundamentally the same. No wrist-action. Especially no flipping of the wrists. In fact, the right-wrist should stay flexed throughout the shot - especially through impact. By flexed, I mean bent back … so that the hand is behind the wrist. Jimmy Connors’ famous flat, two-handed ground strokes are a good example of what I’m trying to say.

Practice these shots when chipping. You can do these shots in your yard … or even in your house.

Then, practice these as pitching shots … just longer versions of the chip shots. You’ll be amazed at quickly you can get control of these shots.

Without even practicing full-shots at the range … you’ll be amazed at how much working on these little shots will improve your full shots.

The secret to being a great player? Being a great wedge player who adds great putting and controlled power.

But … the wedge game is the backbone.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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