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Memorial Day

Greetings Golfers,

Can’t believe it’s already Memorial Day Weekend. How did that happen?

On Monday of this past week, we hosted a golf event fundraiser for the Minnesota Military Family Foundation. 

So with Memorial Day and the MMFF on my mind … I started thinking about the military and leadership. 

One of my speeches to our staff is that they were chosen … they were not assigned to us. Because they were chosen, I expect a lot from them. And I give them a lot of freedom … but with that freedom comes responsibility. 

Thus a very different situation than what the military deals with during a draft. Of course military leaders need to possess the same leadership skills as other leaders.

What I’m referring to is the difference in what they can demand and expect.

For example, when I hire our staff, I tell them that I have few rules because I expect a certain level of behavior … if I have to tell them “No stealing - no fighting - no lewd behavior, etc” … I’ve hired the wrong people.

It’s all about liberty. The human soul yearns for freedom. However, freedom doesn’t come easily.

America’s “War of Independence” was a miracle. The U.S. Constitution is a miracle. The Bill of Rights is a miracle.

And this miracle of a nation needs to be defended. Our military has defended our freedom for almost 250 years.

But freedom can be easily taken for granted. That’s a big mistake. When freedom is gone … it’s not easy to get it back.

When I interview potential staff, I look for people who will thrive in our freedom based culture. So, I need to do “unique” interviews. Sometimes I get people who come in with the “perfect” resume and are well-trained for the typical interview. But can they deal with working with the public? Can they deal with things when they aren’t “perfect”? 

So, the interview needs to go a little off-the-rails. I don’t mean crazy … but definitely not text book. That’s when I see who they really are. When their mask comes off … the interview either dies … or takes off. 

Freedom is a good test of character and self-reliance.

A healthy nation needs citizens with good character and self-reliance. And its leaders need to exude and promote those qualities.

This weekend lets honor those who’ve given their lives in defense of our freedom. Without their service and sacrifice, we couldn’t have the option to use or abuse our freedom. Let’s honor them by not abusing our freedom.


Happy Memorial Day,

Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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