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A One-Lane Freeway

Greetings Golfers,
There was a good article in GOLF Magazine last week about bunker etiquette. I don’t mean etiquette like keeping your pinky-finger out when you rake the sand … I mean how do you leave the bunker so it’s playable for the people behind you.
Here’s what they said are the 5 common bunker mistakes.  I’m going to shorten their commentary:

1. Entering from the high side
Getting in from the high-side doesn’t work. You could fall and you’ll make deep prints. Enter and leave on the low-side.
2. Failing to bring the rake with you
Just smart. Makes the process easier and faster.
3. Lazy raking
It’s just not respectful. One of golf’s many ways to reveal character.
4. Leaving the rake in the wrong place
This can be tricky. It can depend on the course. We prefer the rake in the bunker. It’s easy to find. Please replace it in the most reasonable spot - use your common sense.
5. Forgetting to clean shoes
Tour players are good at this. Watch how they tap their shoes after getting out of a bunker. This is to dislodge the sand before you get on the green. No one wants to putt through your mini-sand-pits.
Good stuff. We all need a refresher. As I always say … the golf course is a one-lane freeway. No one has the right to mess it up … or slow it down.
In the pursuit of not letting the pace-of-play slow down … we’re trying a new food & beverage app.
With this app, you can order food & drink and we will deliver to you.
I know … sounds too good to be true. And, if mishandled, would be too good to be true. I can’t see it covering the whole course. This is not a reason to get rid of beverage carts. We will still have sitting bev carts on holes #4 and #14. But we’re trying to keep players out of the Clubhouse after #9. That’s where the pace-of-play can slow up.
So … this app will work for holes #7 through #11. That should satisfy your needs and keep play moving. 
We also have port-a-potties near #9 green and #11 tee box.
Another reason not to come in after #9.
All of this is about respect. We all want to play out of fresh bunkers … and we all want to keep pace moving. And, keep the experience fun and relaxed. 
Our new bunkers are beautiful and fun to play out of. Hopefully this new app will work out as well as the bunkers. We’ve had a good pace-of-play this year … always around 4 hours even on packed weekends.
But we don’t take it for granted … and are always trying to improve and simplify.

Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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