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Confessions of a Golf Fanatic

Greetings Golfers,

Just finished reading a really good article about why to play golf. Really good. And I’m using “good” instead of interesting, etc … because I love the tone and attitude of the article … it made me feel good.

A friend brought over a paper copy of the Wall Street Journal … this article is in the June 18-19 edition … it’s titled “Confessions of a Golf Fanatic”.

The author was the middle child of a big family of tennis fanatics. He wanted his own game. And he found it - golf.

Here’s some of it:

“Tennis had too many lines - too much about it was definite and repetitive. The ball goes over the net and over the net, and each time it’s either in or out. One court is pretty much like another.

Not so with golf, where there are no lines. Every hole, every shot is new, with a depth to the game that is invisible to those who don’t play.

Then there are the stories. It’s been said that in sports, the smaller the ball the better the stories. Golf is the perfect sport for stories.”


See what I mean? Just a good tone.

That tone is really important for story-telling or playing golf with people … or just getting along with people.

I love to read … that’s really something to do alone. I also love to play golf by myself. 

However, I REALLY love to play golf with friends … and tell stories with friends. Playing golf with friends and telling stories during and after the round … how good is that???

This is how he wraps-up the article: 

“In the end though, what I love about golf is just how expansive it is, and how expansive it makes me feel. Nothing is static. Golf is a full-throated, nothing-held-back drive. It’s a delicate pitch over a bunker. It’s the 4.25 inch cup that decides birdie, par, or bogey. It is the search for the innumerable small changes that will add up to something big.

I think this is why golfers are essentially optimists. We all want to believe that the tip we picked up on the internet last night, or the change in grip that we played out in our heads this morning, or the latest $100 gadget we just got, will be the one that makes all the difference. It probably won’t. But we dream.”

How good was that?

Hope you read it … was written by Timothy J. Carroll.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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