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The Search

Greetings Golfers,
I just watched a video of Tiger Woods asking Jon Rahm how he hits a certain cut-shot … this happened while they were playing last week at the Scottish Open.
The “search” never ends.
Not for Tiger … not for any of us. Not only the search for a better golf swing … but the search to understand how to hit different shots.
Ben Hogan hit balls at the range every day until he died. Picture this old, crippled guy still beating balls … it’s crazy … and inspiring.
Sort of like Don Quixote on his search. Lyrics from “The Impossible Dream”: 
“This is my quest, to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far”.
We get it. Golf is much more than playing the game … it’s also the “search”.
Just go on-line and look at the golf instruction videos. It’s endless.
Don Quixote was portrayed as an idealist … and his side-kick Pancho was the realist. Late in the book … they flip sides. Because we need to be an idealist AND a realist.
Golf makes you a realist. The ball goes where you hit it. Not where you dream it … where you actually hit it.
However, you need to be an idealist to keep dreaming of yourself hitting beautiful shots.
Hogan was an idealist and a realist. When he started his golf equipment company … he rejected the first run of irons. They almost folded. But, he wouldn’t sell inferior quality clubs. And … he made it work.
Idealist and realist.
Looks like Tiger is trying to follow in Hogan’s footsteps. In 1953, after his accident, Hogan only played in six tournaments … and won five … including three Majors: Masters, US Open, British Open. 
Tiger is crippled-up too … and this year played in the Masters and US Open … though he skipped the PGA to get ready for “The Open”. I get it. Obviously it’s at St. Andrews. He had to do it.
The “search” continues this weekend at the “Home of Golf”.
I hope it always will.



Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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