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The Many Uses of Hybrids

Greetings Golfers,

I’ve got lots to talk about this morning … but not much is well-thought-out … please bear with me.

The other day a guy called the desk wanting to make a reservation for two 3-somes in a row. Our wise woman at the desk kindly replied that she could make a 4-some followed by a 2-some. The caller replied (not so kindly) that she should F-off. 


Most of us are in the hospitality business because we genuinely like people. I drive my family crazy because I get into conversations everywhere I go. But hospitality doesn’t mean a master-slave relationship. Basic respect and civility are needed to make hospitality work.

Demanding people are not fun to be around. What’s that all about? I’m still amazed after all these years. 

But what’s maybe worse than the brash, demanding type … is the pompous, smug character. And they’re usually also demanding … yet in a subtle, but even more insulting way.

I just read about such a guy … he’s invented a new golf product … with a typically cutesy, annoying name … a product you will not see at DRGC.

A new golf product that is valuable … is a full set of hybrids. I just read an article about a hybrid set from driver to sand wedge. 

The other day, I hit a goofy looking 8 iron … almost a hybrid … and it was easy to hit. Don’t laugh … I never understood these game improvement clubs … I’m still playing blade irons. I think I should have said “was playing blade irons”. My swing has evolved (or devolved) into more of a sweep … I can’t hit a crisp, compressed iron anymore.

I may become the guy with the full set of hybrids. Don’t laugh … it might be good for you, too.

Here’s the leap … we all need to be more understanding that the world isn’t designed for all of our wants. You can’t hog a full tee-time for only 3 players … especially two in a row. You can’t hit blade irons when you get old. That’s reality. 

But … what matters is how you deal with it. Somebody invented hybrids as a way to deal with it - bravo!Somebody cursed at our desk staff - boo! Some smug joker invented a silly golf product to boost his ego - ugh.

And … this is where we’ve become confused. In our quest to be more understanding … we sometimes tolerate bad behavior … even terrible behavior. In fact, even appease such behavior.

Dealing with the reality that the world wasn’t invented for our whims … and that we should deal with it in a mature, responsible manner … should not be confused with appeasing bad behavior. That’s also being immature. Weak and immature. Good things need to be defended. Good people need to be defended. Jerks can’t tell my staff to F-off.

So … maybe those hybrids have many uses. Hopefully they can help my golf game. And, maybe they can be used on jerk-man if he comes in our shop and starts telling people to F-off.



Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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