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You Need Left and Right

Greetings Golfers,

A good golf swing has power and control. One without the other is pretty limited.

I’m a hands player. Pretty old-school … a lot of movement, active feet, and then hitting with my hands.

I’m definitely not a modern swing guy who’s action is built around a strong “core” and quiet hands.

Maybe you’re young and strong and really flexible and do 200 sit-ups every night. If so … you’re a good candidate for the modern swing. And even if you are that person … you still need good hands for chipping and putting.

So let’s talk about hand action. Tommy Armour said that most golf swings were ruined by a lack of sufficient right-hand power. Like most things he said … he was spot-on. However, what does that mean?

Probably the reason that people don’t have enough right-hand power is they’ve been told that a good swing is controlled by the left-hand. And I agree … the left-hand should control the golf swing.

A right-handed controlled swing seldom leads to a good backswing. The right-hand usually just lifts the club up-in-the-air without any shoulder-turn. Try it and see. Whereas a left-handed backswing will turn the left shoulder behind the ball.

And … a left-handed controlled downswing will usually drop the club down behind the body … rather than throw the club out at the ball the way that a right-handed controlled downswing usually does.

So … when does the right-hand hit the ball? It supplies the hit when the hands have gotten the club into the hitting position.

That can be confusing and hard to understand.

Let’s try it with a putt. Swing the putter back and forth with your left-hand in control. The right-hand is just going along for the ride.

Now … do it again with the left-hand in control … but just as you’re coming into the ball … hit it with your right hand. Your left-hand is still guiding the putter … but your right hand is supplying the hit.

Once you get it … try it with a chip shot.

Then just work-your-way-up until you can do a full-swing.

It might work so well that you won’t need to keep doing 200 sit-ups a night. You might switch to push-ups to keep both arms strong. (If the push-ups help … let me know … I might have to try it.)



Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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