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Good Driving

Greetings Golfers,

Yesterday while having lunch with some buddies … I was asked if good golf is a genetic thing or an option for everybody.

I said that I thought that golf was mostly about having good hands … and that some people are blessed with great hands … but that anyone can train their hands and work on developing feel.

Of course, making a big athletic, well-timed swing is an asset … but if you can’t control the club-face … you can’t control the golf ball.

Think of a pitcher with a great arm and powerful wind-up … who can’t control his pitches. 95 mph and over the catcher’s head is not good pitching.

Feel is vital to good golf.

Feel is vital to safe driving. Yesterday morning the roads were terrible and I saw multiple cars in the ditch. I think that some people have no feel of the road. They just look at the speed-limit sign and go … not aware of that the conditions should determine their speed. 

Yesterday, I was driving at speeds where I could feel the road. Not exactly rocket-science … but necessary for safe driving.

Same with golf. A big fast swing without feel of the club-head will lead to a lot of crazy shots.

These snowy days are a good time to practice your wedge shots in the house. Just chip into a couch. We used to have a Scottish-plaid couch that I would use to practice hitting the squares on the couch. You’ll be amazed at how good you can get at it. 

Not only will it improve your chipping … but that feel of the club-head will transfer to your full-swing.

Good car driving is probably genetic like good golf driving … and most of us shouldn’t be race car drivers. But if we develop and focus on feel … we should be able to be good drivers of a car and a golf ball.

Just takes some work and common-sense.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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