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A Bunch of Musings

Greetings Golfers,

Well, my “life-of-leisure” is going quickly … can’t believe it’s Jan. 20. Next week is the PGA Show in Orlando … then it’s February (which will last a minute) … then I’ll be back in MN around March 1 to get ready for the season. 


So, I’m trying to get in as much golf as I can. In the past week, I’ve been a guest at two great golf communities in this LowCountry area. Had wonderful hosts and played 2 very good golf courses. As I warned you last week - I’ve mastered the game … so it wasn’t surprising when I shot 59 on each course.

Not exactly.

One course I went 4 over on the last 3 holes to shoot 80. And the other course I went 3 over on the last 3 to shoot 79. Not terrible scores … but not fun ways to finish. 

And with my Monday group … I went 34-45. My partners were not happy … they loved me on the front and hated me on the back.

In case you’re wondering … I’m riding in a cart. Imagine what I’d shoot if I was walking. Obviously, I need to work on my conditioning. My second host said that was an excuse and that I needed to step-up at the end and not make excuses.


I probably need to go to Utopia, Texas and spend time with Robert Duvall. A blog reader recommended the movie “7 Days in Utopia” … so we watched it the other night. We loved it. It’s cornball … but I love certain kinds of cornball. It’s about a young guy trying to make it on the Tour … and things go bad with his dad on his bag as his caddy. You can probably already map-out the plot … and you’re right … but it’s good stuff … stuff we need to hear.

And Robert Duvall stars in it. I’m not a “stars” guy … but Duvall is probably my all-time favorite actor and here’s just a few of his movies: “The Godfather”, “Godfather II”, “Apocalypse Now”, “Tender Mercies”, “Sling Blade”, “The Natural”, “Network” … even back to “To Kill a Mockingbird”. He’s the Ben Hogan of movies.

Speaking of Ben Hogan and Texas … how would you like to talk the golf swing with Texans Ben Hogan, Jackie Burke, and Lee Trevino? Think they knew anything? You could also throw in these guys - Byron Nelson and Harvey Penick.

Well, Texans weren’t the only great golf instructors. I just finished listening to a podcast called “Need a 4th?” … hosted by Alan Shipneck, Geoff Ogilvy, and Michael Bamberger … and their guest is Sean Foley, the big-time golf instructor/philosopher/psychiatrist from Canada. During the 2 hour podcast … the hosts might have talked for 5 minutes … Sean likes to talk. But … he’s really interesting. You can’t believe how into it he is. He wraps-up the show by talking about Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning”. Foley is not exactly your by-the-numbers golf instructor.

Well, next week I’ll be writing from the PGA Show in Orlando. It was canceled during COVID … and was pretty weak last year. Hopefully it’s come back. I love it. I’ve known some Minnesota golf Pros who used to complain about going to it. Really? So … leaving MN for Florida in January … seeing what’s new in golf equipment, clothes, etc. Hanging around with the other MN Pros at the lobby of the Rosen every night … and just seeing everyone in the golf industry … and that’s what you complain about???

I’m not that guy. I love it. And I’m loving my “life-of-leisure”. I don’t take any of it for granted. But … I can feel something happening … I’m getting really excited for the new golf season. 

Hope you are too.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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