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The Enemy of Personal Service

Greetings Golfers,

I’m kind of an old-fashioned guy. Not just because I’m old … I had most of my same values and core ideas when I was in college. However, my attitudes changed quite a bit from high school to college. Mainly, because I worked while I went to college and began to deal with the real world.

But even in my most youthful, naive stages … I always valued relationships over everything else. And, communication is probably the key to relationships (integrity is at least a close second-place).

So, I’m a big fan of email. It’s a great way to communicate. Of course it doesn’t come close to face-to-face communication … but it’s great for sending messages and information. It can be simple and straight-forward … or you can spice it up.

What I really like about email … is that you can read it at your convenience. Many days I don’t have a free minute … and I can check emails after work … or in the middle-of-the-night (I’m not the best sleeper).

Not only is it convenient … it’s not intrusive. I hate being in a conversation or a meeting that is interrupted by a phone call. 99% of them are not urgent. They’re just rude and demanding.

Can you imagine running around all day just barging into people’s homes and offices? Well, that’s most phone calls.

Because we value personal service at DRGC … we are trying to limit the phone. Calling the front desk for tee times disrupts the face-to-face service at the desk. Please make your tee-times on line.

If you have any issues about anything … please send me an email. If we can’t resolve it over email … then we can get together.

Please use our website for information. If something still isn’t clear … please send me an email.

We love and value service. Personal service. We want you to have a great experience while you’re here. We don’t want that experience interrupted.

Email and websites are great tools for information. I couldn’t do this blog without computers. I have no issue with the modern world so long as it’s making things more personal and simpler.

Though I’m old-fashioned … I think you’ll enjoy this video about calling a Pro Shop. It was made 10 years ago … I’m sure that most tee times since then are being made over the internet. However, it’s still pretty funny. (link) Enjoy!


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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