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For the Love of the Game

Greetings Golfers,

Ah … Masters week. My favorite golf tournament. When I went in 1995, it felt as comfortable as if you & I invited over some friends and family to have a little golf tournament.

However, when I went back in 2006, it felt more “big time” … I guess some people like that.

But it’s hard to destroy the roots of anything. Bobby Jones and Cliff Roberts wanted to create a simple, warm, friendly golf tournament for the best players in the world.

This is how Mr. Roberts concludes his book “The Story of Augusta National Golf Club” : “I would like in conclusion to make the observation that those with talent who give unselfishly of themselves just because they love golf are entitled to one uncomplicated place where they can feel completely at ease.”

For the love of the game.

When I was a boy, we played neighborhood sports all year long. Make-shift hockey goals, crazy boundaries for football, unique rules for baseball … we made it work so we could play games that we loved.

I wish golf were more like that. Everywhere at every course. Not that golf has to be the same everywhere … I just mean more of a love of the game and less focus on incidentals.

Speaking of good people who loved the game golf … we lost one of the best last week – Jon Swanson, PGA. Jon was the first golf professional at Deer Run GC. Jon was here for the 1990 season, then went up to Purple Hawk in Cambridge for 18 years. Jon was as good as it gets. R.I.P. 


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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