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April is Spring Training

Greetings Golfers,

May is only a week away.

For us, April is Spring Training. We see what’s working … try out some new players … get the staff and golfers ready for the new season.

The golf course came through the Winter in good shape … always the #1 concern. The Clubhouse, range, cart shed, maintenance facility, etc … also survived.

After keeping basically everything closed last year except for the golf course … it really feels good to be back fully open.

Though the range and practice areas are mainly for the golf experience … they can be used for just practicing. We’re generous people. However, not everyone appreciates our generosity.

Last weekend, an older fellow (my age) was practicing his chipping with about 50 balls on the putting green. I politely asked him to chip on the chipping green behind the Clubhouse. I explained that the putting green is fragile and gets a ton of use … and can get pretty beat-up by mid-Summer.

Wow! You would have thought that I tried to take away his citizenship. He went ballistic. I remained calm (at first) and tried to explain (again) why we have to protect the putting green. Then he got really nasty and insulting. I said that he didn’t have to get rude. Then he went for the kill “I was planning on buying a brat for lunch here!”

I’m still reeling from the pain of losing the sale of a brat. I guess that I just can’t see the big picture.

On a pretty cool note … a young guy on the putting green walked over to lend support … his body language made it pretty clear to our chipping buddy that he would be foolish to escalate this ridiculous confrontation.

Yes … Fun at the Run!

Except for that … the Pre-Season has been pretty smooth. The weather’s been up & down … that’s normal for April. You don’t need my annual blog about the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode where the weatherman manipulates his reports so that he has the course to himself. Weather apps have taken over. However, we would prefer that you try to play if the weather is iffy … cancelling at the last minute doesn’t help.

But obviously, we do want you to cancel 24 hours ahead if you can’t play … those tee-times are golden.

We do have a new idea in the works. Last year, rounds were consistently under 4 hours because no one was coming into the Clubhouse after the turn. So, to keep things flowing … we’re going to set-up a little F&B area behind the Clubhouse on hole # 10 … right in front of the stairs by the cart path turn-around.

This should eliminate the slowdown with everyone coming into the Pub with the pre-round golfers and after-round golfers already at the counter.

So … we’ll be ready for the Real Opening Day.  Things are on track. In fact, we’ll happily sell you a brat at the turn.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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Deer Run Golf Club
8661 Deer Run Drive
Victoria, MN 55386
(952) 443-2351

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