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Desperado – Why Don’t You Come to Your Senses?

Greetings Golfers,

We all hear the experts talk about the importance of attitude in golf. Terms such as “focus” and “positivity” and “mental strength” seem to dominate their advice.

I agree … that’s good stuff. However, I want to talk about a different attitude … “desperation”.

Don’t be desperate on the golf course. 

I know – I know … I’m supposed to give positive advice. But this needs to be talked about.

I see it happening every day at the range. The range is good for warming-up – not for finding your swing before you tee off. That’s desperation.

Playing golf as if your life depends on every shot is desperation.

People show-up with their “game-face” on … ready to beat the golf course.

Well … the golf course is going to win. Enjoy playing the golf course. You want it to be your friend. The course can feel your bad vibe and will punish you for it. 

We all know people who play better after a drink(s) … the desperation goes away. They call it “aiming fluid” or a need to loosen up their body … what really helps them is that they lose their desperation!

Enjoy the round!

Think about Fred Couples … does he ever seem desperate on the golf course?

Meditation … yoga … power of positive thinking … it’s all good stuff. But what you really need is to not be desperate. And that starts in the warm-up. Hit a few balls – that’s it. Roll a few putts – that’s it.

Keep it simple. Keep it fun. Don’t become “Joe Serious”… you’ll turn desperate.

Don’t need it … enjoy it!

The golf gods will reward you. They get it.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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