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Rambling Man

Greetings Golfers,

I’ve been out-of-town … so that’s my excuse for this rambling blog.

Where was I? Glad you asked! An old high-school buddy invited me to play Cypress Point. He set-it-up and asked if I was in … took me almost a second to say yes.

I never leave DRGC during the season … but had to do it. Was it good? Yeah. Even better than I hoped – how often does that happen? The setting and scenery are ridiculous … the course design is equally good … and the simple, friendly atmosphere was perfect … it stayed out of the way … the focus is the golf course.

Here’s a leap: About 10 years ago, I wrote in this blog that my caddy at the Kiawah Ocean Course said that the average score he looped for was 125. Average. Obviously the boys this week won’t have those scores … but, they’re the best in the world.

I love that recreational golfers can play these unbelievable golf courses. However, I don’t think that those courses should be used as models for most golf courses.

Not only did Cypress demand accurate shot-making … you also needed to shape the ball with draws and cuts. Or, just be a bomber who can blow it over the landing zones and have a short iron into those tricky greens.

Here’s what I’m saying: on the par 5 number 6 hole at Cypress, the tee shot needed to be aimed at the right edge of the bunker and drawn a little left to the narrow landing zone. Then the next shot had to be hit across the fairway aimed at a tree and also drawn so it could roll down the hill to where the fairway opened wide. Two pretty sophisticated shots. But, my caddy showed me where Dustin Johnson just drove it over everything and landed in that wide area. Well, that was never intended to be the landing area.

It’s like playing chess and not moving the pieces … just jumping over everything and saying Checkmate!

Obviously power is part of the game … but when the technology has changed the distances so that these players just fly over these demanding landing zones into the wide areas … and then have wedges for second shots … what’s the point?

I know … I’m old and don’t have any swing speed … but this is about the game of golf – not me. I loved trying to hit these shots … my lack of distance matched the original design. In fact, I had to hit driver on #16 … 220 yards over the ocean to the green. (Hit it to the left fringe … chipped close and missed the putt – of course).

What I’m trying to say … is that I love all of the variety of golf courses. And I love that we can play what the best play. And though they have different games than we do … I’d like to see them challenged with more shotmaking … rather than just power and wedges and good putting.

And, I think there should be more courses that are just plain easier for the average player.

A local business magazine prints articles about golf. They always finish the article with a list of the toughest courses in Minnesota. Hmmmm. Difficult means good?

Cypress was difficult … and good. Very good. Not tricked-up or just unfair like some “difficult” courses.

I loved it … and am very grateful. Thanks Curt.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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