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Undivided Attention

Greetings Golfers,

After hosting a golf event, the organizer told me that 3 separate people each told him that I gave them my undivided attention.

Hmmmmmm … what does that mean?

I think it’s because I don’t own a cell phone. 

What I consider to be normal interaction, was referred to as unusual. 

I’m all for connecting with people … but I don’t think cell phones are the answer.

And, phones seem to bring out a demanding attitude that I find really offensive. Sort of that everyone has to be ready for their call … at all times … no matter what.

Maybe that demanding attitude makes people anxious and always looking at their phone.

Restaurants are starting to do away with phones and only taking on-line reservations. I think that’s a good a thing. They should be focused on the people there … not the phone. 

Speaking of giving undivided attention … a golf instructor better be focused on the student.

Here’s a classic instruction story: About 20 years ago a young guy asked for a lesson. I watched him hit a bunch of irons and fairway woods … and he was good … I didn’t see anything to monkey with. So I asked why he was there. He replied that he couldn’t hit his driver. That didn’t make sense … so I had him hit a few. Each one was a low, weak fade … nothing like his shots with his other clubs.

So, I asked if I could hit his driver … I produced the same gross, weak fades. 

Where did he get this driver? … from his buddy’s brother - Cameron Beckman.

Yeah … that guy … the Cameron Beckman who beat Ernie Els to win last week’s Champions Tour event.

This lessonee was a good player with a very good swing … but he couldn’t flex Beckman’s driver. Who could? Maybe some other Tour players could. Beckman was a big strong guy … the shaft on this driver had no flexibility - it was stiff as a board.

I’m glad that I was paying attention during his lesson and not just giving him cliche advice. He didn’t need a lesson - he needed a different driver.

And he needed an instructor who wasn’t looking at his cell phone.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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