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A Not So Charming Fellow

Greetings Golfers,

We all know that saying by Lord Acton “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. 

Though I like Lord Acton, I don’t really agree with that statement. I think power and money are tools … and that they reveal more than they corrupt.

If someone all of sudden changes because they have money and/or power … it’s not the fault of money or power … it reveals their character.

Golf is also a revealer of character. The obvious thing is cheating … but also narcissism … or rudeness … or pettiness … or jealousy. 

And, it reveals good things: the person who’s always ready but never in the way … or repairs extra ball marks … or is aware of where people hit their shots and if they need help.

We all know people who are fun to play with … or not so fun to play with. One of the least fun to play with is the “expert”. The one who is telling everyone how to swing … or what is wrong with their swing. 

Unsolicited advice is not exactly charming.

We get a lot of unsolicited advice on how to operate the Pub, Bev Carts, Shop, Range, course maintenance, pricing, hours, policies, rules, etc.

The other night during Ladies League … a man got angry because he couldn’t use the range on Ladies League Day.

To make his point … he held up a fist full of dollars and said to me “This is what it’s all about”. I replied “No, doing the right thing is what it’s all about”. He scoffed and walked out the door.

Talk about revealing character.

Let’s hope that he doesn’t get a lot of power. He’s already corrupted … and proud of it.

I’m glad that we’re not the only golf course in town.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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Deer Run Golf Club
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Victoria, MN 55386
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