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Greetings Golfers,

Just watched 10 minutes (?) of a video about how to fix the “biggest swing killer” in golf. Though I didn’t watch all of it … it was interesting. And, I think I know what his “fix” would be (or should be).

What he was talking about is “early extension”. His phrase for when people stand-up at impact. He claims that 7 out of 10 amateurs do it … and that Tour players do not do it. Sounds accurate to me.

But, before we fix something … I want to know why it’s happening in the first place. The drills probably won’t work if the faulty concept isn’t first dealt with. Isn’t that the key to changing any behavior?

I think “standing-up” at impact is a result of flipping the hands at impact. The faulty concept that the club needs to lift the ball up in the air.

Watch people chip. You can see what I’m talking about. They take the club back … then flip the club-head under the ball … or try to. Often, the club-head flips too soon and hits the ball on the way up … thus topping the ball and it goes shooting over the green.

Or, it flips too late … and they just hit it fat.

However, if it’s a fluffy lie and sitting-up … they just might make it work and then hit a fairly high, soft shot that might work out.

I’d prefer that they learn how to “punch” the shot. Meaning, set-up with the hands in front of the ball, close the face a little (to trap it), and punch down on the ball at impact while leading with the hands. And, the follow through keeps the hands in front of the clubhead.

This is the secret to becoming a good chipper of the ball … and the secret of good impact - especially on iron shots.

Does this work well on tee shots? Not so much. They are two different shots.

Ironically, the scoop can work off a tee … and yet, most scoopers crash down with their driver and break the tee.

They would be better off reversing their technique for a driver and iron.

I better qualify this. I don’t want to see you scoop … even using a tee. But, I’m trying to make a point about how to use the club.

Lee Trevino was the ultimate puncher. He learned how to play on desert-like fairways … he had to punch it to hit it solid. 

His short-game was amazing.

Trevino never stood-up at impact. Learn to chip like Trevino … and to hit iron shots like Trevino. But first start with chipping.

We all want to hit it farther. But, control is the name of the game. And control comes from proper impact.

We all need a golf swing. Not a scoop. But we also need to learn the punch shot. 

Though I respect “standing-up” for what matters … it’s not good at impact. Use that strength and direct it down at the ball with a punch. It’ll feel good … and it works.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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