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My Friend Golf

Greetings Golfers,

The other day I was Rangering … just driving around the course on a semi-rainy day … and enjoying every second of it. 

And then it hit me why - I was spending time with a good friend - golf. I view golf as more than a game … it’s a spiritual being that shares my thoughts and feelings. It understands me … and judges me. And I trust it.

It’s more than the course - it’s the range, the putting green … and especially the game itself. 

A lot of you probably think this sounds crazy … but a lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Golf is an entity that can come in many shapes and forms. I’ve seen it twisted and smothered and abused. I’d compare it to music. Music is also a friend. But we’ve all heard music twisted and abused into forms that must be painful for it … sort of like an abused person.

I like melody in music. Britanica describes melody as: “A succession of notes that is pleasing".

I don’t like seeing abuse: golf, music, people, animals …obviously, it could be a long list. But, abuse of innocence is particularly upsetting. 

Golf turned into a penny-pinching game or a carnival is as attractive as music turned into grating noise.

Some people think that degrading things is “real” or sophisticated. I just think it’s mean-spirited. 

It gets back to the essence of life. Seriously. I think life is basically good. I am not a Utopian or a perfectionist. I am not mad at God. Life is challenging. That’s a good thing.

Trying to build Utopia or fundamentally transform the world is not progress. It’s just narcissism. 

The further golf gets from the game of Scottish shepherds … the worse it gets. 

Probably my favorite song is “Greensleeves”. The further music gets from “Greensleeves” … the worse it gets … not better.

Rangering on a rainy day … with “Greensleeves” playing in my head … some  people might think is boring … not me - I’m happy being with two great friends.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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