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A Great Wake-Up Call

Greetings Golfers,

Wednesday morning I was running signs out on the course before a golf event.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful the course looked. It was really amazing.

Then, while driving up the cart path on #3 … I passed one of the guys mowing the fairway. Though I waved … he didn’t wave back … I wasn’t snubbed … he was so focused on his line that he wasn’t aware that I was there.

This was a line in the fairway … not on the green. He was that focused on mowing the fairway perfectly. 

Then it hit me … duh … that’s why the course looked so good … these guys CARE!

A minute later, the same thing happened with another mower on #4.

Then another minute later, a young guy was being patiently taught on how to mow around #9 green. 

It actually got to me. I’ll admit - I’m a cornball … and stuff like that gets to me. The whole sequence of events was like something out of a movie … with the theme being that they care. 

Sometimes people think that caring is a weakness. Exactly the opposite. 

Caring is where you find courage.

You’re not going to do or stand-up for the hard thing unless you care.

Some people confuse caring with being needy. Not the same thing. Needy is about constant affirmation from others. Caring is about what is right.

Our maintenance crew does what is right because they care. That attitude comes from their leader - Barry Provo.

It’s easy to take good things for granted. That series of events on Wednesday gave me a needed wake-up call.

Thanks guys!


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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