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Let it Flow

Greetings Golfers,

Some of us aren’t ready for Winter … so I’m changing the words of the song from “Let it snow” to “Let it flow”.

I’m obsessed with flow. I think it’s very underrated. Not just for the golf swing … but for living.

We want things flowing at DRGC:

  • pace of play

  • check-in

  • F&B service

  • music

  • carts

  • conversations

  • golf-swings

  • happiness

That list could go on-and-on …

What we don’t want is to get stuck. Sadly, a lot of what depends on technology here seems to get stuck. 

Stuck is not good.

A few weeks ago, we had some owners of a golf course looking at our cart shed. They want to start using electric golf carts … so they need to build a shed … and had heard that ours was one of the best.

So, they asked me a bunch of specific questions that I wasn’t sure the exact details of. A little frustrated, they asked why our shed was so special. I replied that it flowed. And … I could explain the details and reason why it flowed. They were not impressed. Flow was not a priority.

Then, they told me that they were also building a big building to host weddings.

And, they proudly informed me that their 36 hole course would do over 100,000 rounds this year … and that they were the only full-time employees.


These guys have a great business. One of the few golf cash-cow operations. Why they need to complicate their business is beyond me. 

They are like a fast-food restaurant. We’re more like a funky boutique restaurant. Apples-to-oranges. One of the guys commented that they needed more of our “polish”. No they don’t. Their market doesn’t care. 

I told them they have a great business and focus on flow. Trying to do too much … well, they’ll get stuck. And screw-up what matters.

Prioritizing is vital to flow (and success). 

Some people don’t understand that we have limited time and energy and resources.

For example, we rate everything we do A-B-C.

Can’t screw-up the As. Try not to blow the B’s. Obviously want to do the Cs … but never at the expense of the As.

Some people see it backwards. They take for granted when the As are flowing … and focus on the Cs.

For example, if they see an unpriced shirt in the Shop or a mistake on the website … they say “if they can’t get those little things right, how can they possibly do the big things?”

Well, it’s exactly the opposite.

Thankfully, most people get it.

To prove my point … please click HERE for the 2021 Annual Readers Choice Awards from the recent Tee Times magazine.

Is this obnoxious and self-serving? Probably. But I’m also trying to make a point. One that I feel passionately about.

Trying to do too much is not smart. Trying to do things right is smart. Knowing what matters and keeping focused is smart. 

Then … things will flow.

Enjoy the flow … we’re not ready for snow.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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Deer Run Golf Club
8661 Deer Run Drive
Victoria, MN 55386
(952) 443-2351

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