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Death and Renewal

Greetings Golfers,

Sunday is Halloween. The ancient Celts celebrated this as the festival of Samhain - meaning the end of Summer and the “first of Winter”.

I never liked Fall until I was about 40. I just wanted non-stop Summer. Fall made me sad and I couldn’t appreciate the beauty of the season. Now it’s my favorite time of year.

Life has the same cycles as the seasons, and they all need to be appreciated. The Celts honored their dead with the passing of the seasons … and for them, Samhain was the season of death and renewal.

And for us at Deer Run, this is also a time of death and renewal - we close the golf course, yet renew the course with projects. 

This Fall we have an extra special project - renewing the bunkers. Over time, bunkers spread out and lose their shape. And the sand settles in odd places. (Sounds like my body). And, the drainage gets clogged underneath. They need renewal.

So, we are in the process … and will continue as long as the weather holds. Not just are we reshaping the bunkers … we’re adding new sand - the legendary “Ohio’s Best”. This special sand is perfect for golf. The difference is pretty amazing. You’ll notice it right away … and might even start aiming for the bunkers because it’s so playable.

So … as the old bunkers die … they will be renewed … just right for this time of year.

Slan leat,

Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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