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The Match

Greetings Golfers,

Did you watch “The Match” the day after Thanksgiving? You know, that epic blood-feud between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau. Yeah … the hype was ridiculous, but the show was interesting … mildly entertaining … yet interesting.

I watched the whole thing because I love golf and like watching great players. But I especially stayed because you got to watch every hole from start to finish. What a concept! Typical tv golf tournament productions are annoying because they jump around from hole-to-hole and are just mostly random highlights (at best).

Imagine if you turned on to watch a Twins game and it jumped to a guy hitting a home-run in a Dodger game … then someone hitting a liner into a gap during a Red Sox game … then scenes of the final out in other games.

Sure, the NFL “Red-Zone” show is sort of like that … but that’s basically a show for gamblers and Fantasy Leaguers wanting updates. But it’s not watching football.

Speaking of other sports … Charles Barclay is fun and clever during NBA halftimes. And he was good at bringing some humor and charm to “The Match”. Phil Mickelson brought his usual insight and banter to the broadcast. But at times it was weird and uncomfortable. Not as weird and uncomfortable as DeChambeau trying to be witty and clever … but still not good. 

Phil and DeChambeau’s talk about brain waves was embarrassing. Pseudo-intellectual and condescending. Brooks and Barclay rightfully made fun of it.

Phil was correct that Koepka feeds off anger. When Phil said that he predicted that Brooks would win the early holes but lose the match … you could see on Brook’s face that he was hurt and insulted. Well, that wasn’t what DeChambeau needed … Brooks fed on it and dominated the match.

Not only did DeChambeau play mediocre golf … he came off as a whiner and a phony. He should have stayed home. 

However, I hope “The Match” continues. Golf needs rivalries … but it especially needs telecasts that stay committed to hole-by-hole, shot-by-shot action. 

No matter how ridiculous the hype, or silly and unnatural the banter … a lot of us love golf and want to see the game being played. It’s a game of strategy. Don’t underestimate the audience. 


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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