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The Amazing Tiger Woods

Greetings Golfers,


So, Tiger Woods is going to compete next week in the PNC Challenge with his son Charlie.

How crazy/amazing is that?

When he crashed his car in February … I didn’t think he’d play golf again. Much less in an event. And on television?

The guy is unbelievable. I thought he was done after his previous car accident. Hardly. He came back … struggled with everything - especially his chipping … and had more back surgeries.

And then won the Masters.

Before the car accident in February, his last tournament was this same PNC Challenge. It was really fun watching his 11 year old son Charlie. The kid was amazing … can’t wait to see him one year later.

I’m sure that you saw the video of Tiger’s swing a few weeks ago. Obviously, it wasn’t as powerful. But it was definitely his swing … and he had great rhythm. 

Rhythm isn’t emphasized enough. We all get too mechanical and forget about rhythm. That’s not a good thing. 

A few months ago, I played with a very good player who was redoing his swing. He was really struggling hitting goofy shots that I’d never seen from him. After awhile, he asked me if I’d noticed anything. I said that his rhythm was different. He was fast going back … then seemed to quit at contact. His swing used to be slow going back, then accelerate through the ball. Instead, he was so concerned about making a different backswing, that his tempo was all screwed-up. 

Well, Tiger hasn’t lost his rhythm … which is incredible for a lot of reasons. Especially when rebuilding his swing.

Obviously you know that I’m trying to get you to work on your rhythm. I’m not very subtle. 

Also, I want to you to hit balls into a bucket this winter. Take a sand wedge and just hit little shots into a bucket or basket. And try it with each hand.

I do it up in my office and I got pretty good with the righthand shot. But I was terrible with the left-hand shot. Then … duh … I tried it with a glove on my left-hand. Hurrah! I wasn’t terrible. Not great … but pretty good. The grip on my club was worn-out … so the glove really helped.

So this winter … work on your rhythm/tempo … and chipping into a bucket/basket.

And … get your clubs re-gripped!

Maybe do it yourself next weekend while watching Tiger tee-it-up in PNC Championship.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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