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Happy New Year

Greetings Golfers,


Happy New Year!

Every year, most of us look forward to a new year - a new beginning (especially this year!).

And New Year resolutions have become as normal to the New Year as Christmas presents are to Christmas. 

Probably the most typical resolutions are about health: losing weight, getting in shape, etc. 

Being golfers, we need to do those things … and improve our golf game. We can always improve our chipping and putting. And, improve our golf swing. But just improving our golf swing won’t make-up for not improving our health and short-game.

We need to do it all.

That wasn’t meant to sound over-whelming … it’s just the truth. We can do it … but, I recommend baby steps … not leaps. Everyday, eat better (and less) … do some exercises … go for a walk. You’re not Rocky preparing to fight Apollo Creed … you’re just trying to improve.

We all want to hear what we want to hear. So … we’re vulnerable to quick fixes, magic pills, short cuts, etc. But hearing what you want to hear isn’t always good. 

Well, I have no agenda. I’m not running for office or selling a video of how to be a scratch player in one week. I’m just recommending being the tortoise instead of the hare.

It will be a good year … step-by-step.

Happy New Year!

Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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