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Control-freaks Aren't As Much Fun As You Think They Are

Greetings Golfers,

Just finished playing as a single with another single and a 2some. 

Nice people … but not a lot of fun. The other single thought it was his duty to teach the 2some how to play golf. This was not a playing lesson. In fact, this single had never met the 2some before we got paired-up.

This “instructor” took it upon himself to give advice. These people never asked for help or advice.

If the “instructor” saw an alligator hiding in the weeds near their ball … he should step-up and speak. But that is a warning about real danger … not advice about how to swing the golf club.

These are two very different cats that seem to get confused. 

One is motivated by respect and concern. The other is motivated by disrespect and arrogance. 

You might say that I’m being harsh. Really? Would you have wanted to be in that 2some?

I have certain buddies that before we play, I ask them to let me know if they see something goofy in my swing. I’m asking. I’m open to help and advice … but not unsolicited help and advice. Big difference.

This “helpful” mindset has gone way too far. We have a new refrigerator that sends off alarms if I keep it open too long. Seriously. The door wasn’t left open for an hour … it went crazy after a minute. 

Not only is this alarm annoying and insulting … I had to pay for it. And you know that it will break and probably screw-up the rest of the refrigerator. 

Shouldn’t we be trying to make life simpler and saner? Well, I know that I do. Some people might enjoy their life getting cluttered-up with worthless gadgets and bossy know-it-alls telling them what to do … but I wish they would leave me alone.

What’s really crazy is that when you stand-up to this nonsense and these control-freaks … they act like you’re ungrateful … and that you’re the arrogant one!

Talk about crazy and manipulative! I guess that's what they call “gaslighting”.

Obviously, I’m not a psychologist. But I do recognize bullying and gaslighting - these are the actions of control-freaks.

Some control-freaks think “empowerment” means telling people what to do. Wrong. Empowerment is standing-up to control-freaks.

I’m glad my refrigerator can’t play golf. But I don’t want to golf with the joker who invented that crazy alarm system.

We all know that people reveal themselves on the golf course. It’s fun to play with respectful people. And not fun to play with control-freaks. 

And, we don’t need to put up with it on the golf course. Or anywhere.



Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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Deer Run Golf Club
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Victoria, MN 55386
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