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Need to See the Forest

Greetings Golfers,

We all know the value of taking a break. When we’re going hard and fast … and focused … it’s tough to see the forest-for-the-trees.

While down here in SC, I play golf … and do a lot of reading and thinking … hopefully I can start seeing the forest. 

We’ve all seen a movie where the idealistic hero realizes that in his pursuit, he has lost sight of why he does what he does.

As people say “life gets in the way”.

Most of us got into the business of golf because we want to share the game we love. I really saw this last week at the PGA Show … the little booths selling their dream. It’s inspiring … you hope they make it.

Most of the big guys started like that. But, sometimes they get big and forget why they started in the first place. They get so into the bottom line … that the bottom line becomes the goal … not the love that inspired them.

Money is a tool. I heard a guy say yesterday “Money is the root of all evil”. No … the saying is “Love of money is the root of all evil”. 

When the big guys don’t show-up and support the Golf Show … what are they saying? They’re saying they don’t need it.

Hmmmm …

They don’t need to get in front of the PGA Pros in America? They’re not excited to show what they do to their target audience? 

Maybe they don’t need to … but don’t they want to?

Is it all just dollars and cents?

I thought golf was better than that.

Well, I know that most golf pros and course operators don’t have that attitude. It’s a labor of love. Of course we need money to live and maintain our courses. But, we got in this to share our love.

Maybe these big guys need a vacation. They’ve lost sight of the forest.


Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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