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An Annoying-free Sanctuary

Greetings Golfers,


Just got back from a trip out-west.

We flew. Wow. I think we spent more time in lines than up-in-the-air.

Of course I relate everything to Deer Run GC. One of our major goals is to minimize and/or eliminate waiting in lines.

Probably the biggest culprit is the front desk. Checking-in should be quick and easy. When it’s not, it’s usually because of a phone call. So, we’re trying to get everyone to book their reservation on-line. It would eliminate most of the slow-ups at the desk.

I started writing this blog 12 years ago … and one of the first ones was about DRGC being a sanctuary. A sanctuary from the madness of daily life:

- An attractive place

- Outdoors

- Friendly atmosphere

- Golf

- Play golf with friends or family

- Supplement it with good food and drink


That’s our goal. However, unnecessary waiting can be pretty annoying. Slow golfers, slow-ups at the desk and  Pub. I get it. And don’t want it.

However … Sanctuary doesn’t mean Utopia. Perfect and/or Utopia are not good goals. They’re impossible and just lead to frustration and hard-feelings. And I feel that they’re used as a weapon. Expecting or demanding perfection is sick. Maybe cruel is a better word.

But that doesn’t mean anything goes. It’s not perfection or nothing … what about good? … what about quality?

Those are realistic goals.

I just looked-up the word “rigmarole” … it said  “A long and tiresome procedure that seems pointless”. I think too much our lives is spent in rigmarole. 

To eliminate rigmarole involves trust. Lack of trust causes petty steps. Though we’d like you to make your tee-time on-line … we’re not going to ask for more information (credit card number, etc). We trust you. 

The phone can be annoying. My dream is that a phone never rings and disturbs our sanctuary at DRGC.




Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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Deer Run Golf Club
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Victoria, MN 55386
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