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Tiger Woods

Greetings Golfers,


Usually I have my blog done by Wednesday night so that it can be formatted and ready to go Friday morning.

However, this week I asked if I could wait until Thursday night so that I could write about Tiger’s opening round at the 2022 Masters.

I’m glad I waited.

How crazy was that round? The guy just doesn’t stop blowing my mind. His Masters victory a few years ago was unbelievable. 

But this latest Masters magic? Shooting 71 on a difficult day … beating 8 of the top 12 players in the world … is this guy human? 

When his life blew-up years ago … I thought he was done.

Wrong. He came back and won the 2019 Masters.

But this is even crazier. 500 days ago … we weren’t sure he’d ever walk again … much less play tournament golf.

So he decides to make his comeback at the Masters? Not at some minor-league tournament?

I don’t have anything unique to say. I’m sure there’s profound analysis on the internet. I have nothing to add.

However, I couldn’t write about anything else. It would be morally wrong. It would be not acknowledging what HAS to be acknowledged.

This man’s grit and determination and willpower are not human. This is the stuff of a superhero.

I just hope he plays decent on Friday and makes the cut. 

Can he win? Probably. None of this makes any sense.

In total contrast … his main rival for the last 25 years is not playing at the Masters. In fact, rumor from a VERY GOOD source … says that he’s gone dark … that no one knows where he is.

Money, power, and fame can do crazy things to people.

It’s inspiring to see someone push themselves beyond seemingly human limits to achieve for deeper reasons.

I hope I have to write about Tiger Woods next week.




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