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Magic Mondays and Bob

Greetings Golfers,


Back to reality!

I started to write about the goodness of people. I believe  people are basically good … however, we need rules and laws to keep things from going off the rails. Yet, what we really need is a moral compass that keeps us doing the right thing, rather than needing a million rules and regulations to keep us in line.

While stumbling through writing about this … a former employee stopped-by to say hi. This guy - Bob Elfering - had worked here for 20 years … he retired from DRGC at the end of last season.

Talk about a good guy … Bob is as good as it gets.

Warm, funny, fun, thoughtful, responsible … just somebody you want to be around.

Bob worked at the Pro Shop desk on Tuesdays and Sundays … hopefully you got to deal with him. He was never flustered … nothing got to him. Whether it was computers not working or people complaining and acting crazy … he stayed calm.

He’s a people person … but, not needy. Usually people persons are people pleasers … and need to be appreciated in return.

Not so for Bob. He really doesn’t care. Not in an aloof, cold way … not at all … he’s a warm, lovable guy.

Here’s an example: His grandson is Ryan Suter - the famous NHL player. He never talked about it. He didn’t need that recognition. For years, he would need a week off to go see his daughter and son-in-law in Nashville … he never said why … well, Suter was playing for the Nashville Predators. Obviously, when Suter played for the Wild … it was harder to keep their relationship quiet … but he did.

When people had petty, ridiculous complaints … he’d just say “Ok”. And it was over. He knew it wasn’t really valid … they just wanted to feel important … so he just acknowledged it … and everyone moved on.

I’m sorry that he retired … loved seeing him at the desk … but am happy for him. He’s traveling and still playing golf and just enjoying life.

What a guy! A living example of what I was trying to write about. And a lot more interesting than my writing!

On a self-serving note … looks like the weather has finally shaped-up. And this Monday looks to be beautiful. Normally, we host golf events on Mondays (had a really fun one last Monday). But … we had a communication breakdown … so Monday, May 9 is open. Come on out and tee-it-up. It’s our only open Monday until October 24. Maybe Monday will have some unique magic … it doesn’t have the glamor of the weekend … maybe its understated charm will reward you with the round of your life.

Just play as if you’re with Bob Elfering … you’ll have a great time no matter what.



Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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