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Two Great Guys

Greetings Golfers,

I hope you read the latest edition of MINNESOTA GOLFER magazine - the Travel edition. Not because of the travel info … but because of the opening and closing columns.

So, you open the magazine and read the “Editor’s Letter” by W.P. Ryan. The title of W.P.’s letter is “A Legend Retires from Golf Administration” … referring to “legend” Guy Green. Guy was one the founders of the MGA and an original with Joe Soucheray and Patrick Reusse on KSTP’s Monday Night Sports Talk. This show was before ESPN and it started the whole sports talk genre. These guys were hilarious.

Later on, Guy moved up to Brainerd … got into politics … and back into radio … and seems to like life Up North. He hasn’t mellowed-out or lost his amazing wit … he regales some of us with a blog called “Grampa Guy” … it’s profound and hilarious.

Then if you jump to the back of the magazine … you’ll find Mark Craig’s “Backspin” column … this one titled “Ode to ‘The Greatest’” … a tribute to Michael Turnbull … who I wrote about last month. Mark is a great writer who captures who Michael was and what he was all about.

That these two legends of Minnesota golf bookend an edition of MINNESOTA GOLFER is a perfect tribute to both guys … and a perfect tribute to Minnesota golf.

Though they were on opposite ends politically … they liked and respected each other … and knew that golf could handle and needed their unique talents and perspectives.

Golf has great respect for tradition … and yet is not afraid of progress. It can handle both. 

Golf is dealing with the same struggles as are the culture and politics of America. But with a lot more grace and respect. 

There is room for old-school golf. There is room for innovative equipment. There are classic course risk-reward designs and modern target-golf designs. Robotic swing instruction and “feel” based instruction. Country clubs … munis … 9-hole courses … resort courses. 

Obviously I could go-on-and-on. But it’s still about hitting a ball with a stick. 

But it can be so much more than that. It can handle what you bring to it. Guy is and Michael was … extremely intelligent. And passionate. And unique. 

However, most of us aren’t … and we don’t have to be to love golf. But those guys brought something very special to golf that we can all appreciate.

And I appreciate MINNESOTA GOLFER magazine for reminding us how lucky we are to have been blessed with them here in Minnesota.

Please hit this link to really enjoy what I’m trying to say.




Tom Abts
GM/Head PGA Professional
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