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The Many Forms of Golf

Greetings Golfers,

Golf can come in many forms. Remember, it started with Scottish shepherds hitting a rock with a stick while tending their flock.

And over time it evolved into the 18 hole game we know and love today.

However, we can hit balls at a range … or practice our short game on a chipping green … or play a 9 hole course or one of the new “short courses”. 

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Fergie for President

Greetings Golfers, 

Well, you’re probably sick of politics … but I think you’ll like this photo of “Fergie for President”.

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Vital Information

Greetings Golfers,
Three more days ’til Halloween. That’s a fact … and also a line from an annoying song in the movie “Halloween III”. Of course I thought the song was hilarious … though my wife and golf partners did not enjoy my singing of it. 
That was 40 years ago … and also a beautiful October … we played golf right up until Halloween.
Though the rumor is of more nice weather next week … Sunday, October 30 is our last day of golf in 2022. 

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Greetings Golfers,

Fall is here. 

I didn’t like it as a kid. It meant going back to school. It meant that Summer fun was over.

Fall is a time of reflection. Falling leaves, shorter days and colder nights - these are all signs of a new change in the eternal circle of nature.

As a kid … I didn’t get it or want it. I wanted endless Summer.

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